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 x  Lana Del Rey blog x


    x Lana Del Rey blog x

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Straight as a Rainbow
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    I don’t feel like living today

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  10. I’m in pain, and this is the only place I can show it because people are so fucking judgement and I can’t deal with people who say that’s selfish for wanting help and saying that I’m just a person who wants attention. I think that everyone talks about me behind my back. It hurts.

    I feel lonely and I never think anyone cares which I know is wrong but I still believe that they don’t. I just want someone who will love me for who I am. It hurts.

    I would kill myself but my parents told me suicide is selfish and that people should be happy for what they have, but they don’t fucking understand that I’m going through a lot of pain. It hurts

    I can’t take this pain anymore hoping that helping others would help me but it just doesn’t help. I feel like crying a million rivers tonight, if I make it through tonight. It hurts. Only if …

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